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Super Spot Cream Tube

It is fulfill on virtue of nature, incomparable in skin’s care, based on lab test and international quality that would make glamorous fairness, smooth of your skin. The formulation in this cream have a combination of essence of herbs and vitamin-e which removes scar, freckles, urticaria and any kinds of black spot. Besides, it makes glamorous of youth, spot-free and fine what you want so. Lata Super Spot Cream 20gm Container & 30gm tube available in market.

Ingredients : Carrot, Papaya, Orange, Cucumber, Gourd, Berala, Tulsi, Sandal-wood, Neem, Rose, Alovera, Stearic acid, Aqua, Cetyl alcohol and 90 typies of herbs.

Methods of use : cleanse your face with around of neck by face wash of  Lata Herbal Co. Before your getting the bed and use slight Lata Super Spot Cream , smear cream as per necessity on your external skin.


Lata Herbal Cold Hair Massage Oil


Lata Herbal Hair Oil & Shampoo

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