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Gents Uptan

LATA HERBAL Gents Uptan is first in the Market. Lata Herbal after long research for nice care of boy’s epidermis (Skin) has started marketing the production of Gents Uptan.

Gents Uptan with direct mixture of 14 Nos. of pure natural elements has been produced which is-useful for the epidermis of the boys. THis contains no artificial element. This can be applied in all seasons in respect of oily and dry epidermis (Skin). As a result epidermis will turn Bright, Smooth and Fresh.

On many occasions boys have to labor hard in the sun or in dust. As a result epidermis (Skin) turns into wearisome marks. Gents Uptan helps keeping eqidermis free from effect of extermely harmful violet rays of the sun. Beside in spite of getting growth of age epdermis shall remain fresh and tight.

In comparison to usefulness of taking care of epidermis of girls it is not less in case of the boys. The reason is that the boys have to work most of the time in the sun, rain or in the dirt dust as a result of which epidermis gets sufficient wearisome marks. Beside in case of getting epidermis of the boys affected or wrinkled any way there is left no means to cover with.

With this end in view boys as a must need regularly taking proper care and protection of their epidermis. And with this end of taking proper care at present if only the Gents Uptan prepared of 100% Herbal.


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