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Skin Bright Cream

Lata Herbal Skin Bright Cream Created by 100% herbal extracts give you phenomenal fairness using regularly. Lata Herbal Skin Bright Cream 20gm Container & 30gm Tube available in market.
Ingredients : Potato, Carrot, Water of Green Coconut, Monzishta, Berala, Tulsi, Aloevera, Cucumber, Neem, Rose, Sandal-wood, Orange, Stearic acid, Aqua, Cetyl alcohol and 105 typies of herbs.

Methods of

use : Cleanse your face with around of neck by face wash of Lata Herbal Co. Before your getting the bed and use slight Lata Herbal Skin Bright Cream , smear cream as per necessity on your external skin.


Lata Herbal Cold Hair Massage Oil


Lata Herbal Hair Oil & Shampoo

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